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Like it or not, a good portion of your kids life is probably spent traveling. Whether they’re still in school, joining a gym or sports team, or beginning your very first college classes, it’s important to invest in a backpack that can keep up with their active lifestyle. Lucky for you, Nfinity backpacks are ready to help you out.
With a brand that works to provide top quality gear for female athletes, Nfinitey is unwilling to skimp on quality. The company’s lightweight, durable backpacks are built to withstand the strain of daily living while keeping everything you value close at hand. Each backpack is designed with special features to make young cheerleader smile, from sparkly fabric and rhinestone details to small front pockets you can take off the pack and use as a purse. No matter which model you choose, you’ll be sure to find yourself satisfied with your Nfinity pack.

Nfinity Backpack, Classic

Just because you’re still in school is no reason to not look cool. This Nfinity backpack exudes classiness in its original design. Stylishly designed with four different compartments, there won’t be any difficultly fitting all your gear inside. A well padded laptop sleeve will keep your valuable electronics far from harm, and the detachable purse gives you an option for some smaller storage space if you need it. Best of all, comfort won’t be any issue, thanks to the padded mesh shoulder straps that help you evenly distribute the weight of your textbooks without hurting your back.
Key Features
– Measures 19x13x9 inches
– Large interior design includes three separate compartments, including a well-padded laptop sleeve.
– 100% nylon makes for a lightweight design
– Air-mesh padding on back creates breathable comfort
– Two water bottle holders on the sides
– Top grab handle makes the pack easy to carry around
– Front pouch detaches to become a purse for easy access to your valuables
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Nfinity Sparkle Backpack

Having lots of gear is no reason to be unfashionable. In fact, you can make your gear the most fashion forward part of your outfit by opting for the Nfinity Sparkle backpack to complete your look. This lightweight bag is the perfect way to make the school day or your next road trip a little more manageable. Featuring padded shoulder straps for extra comfort and plenty of compartments with enough space to tuck in your Nnfinity shoes and favorite laptop, you’ll be sure to never be unprepared. For even more flexibility, you can pull off the included front pouch in order to use it as a convenient purse for your tablet and cell phone.
Key Features:
– Stunning glitter coloring won’t come off or get on your clothes.
– Two water bottle holders make it simple to stay hydrated
– Classy Nfinitey logo embroidered onto the front
– Large interior storage space to with room for a laptop and a pair of shoes
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Nfinity Princess Backpack

Why sacrifice cuteness for convenience when it’s so simple to have both at once? The Nfinitey princess backpack makes it easy. Accented with plenty of cute details like little bows on the zipper pulls and a sparkly decal or the Nfinity logo on the front, you’ll be leaving your friends envious in your wake. Whether you’re on your way to school, the gym or getting ready for a long road trip, the Nfinitey Princess backpack will quickly become your trusted companion and come with you where ever you go. Your most valuable electronics will stay safe in the included padded laptop sleeve, and the shoulder straps are designed to be comfortable, even for petite frames.
Key Features
– 100% nylon material makes for a truly lightweight design
– Mesh back keeps you comfortable and free from sweat
– Large volume interior storage space is big enough to fit textbooks, computers and much more.
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Nfinity Sparkle Petite Backpack

Being small is no reason to compromise on the functionality of your backpack. However, most designs are made for standard body sizes, meaning if you mind yourself on the extreme lower end of the spectrum it can be hard to find a backpack that doesn’t leave you swimming. Not so with the Nfinity Sparkle Petite- this pack is 20 percent smaller than the regular sized Nfinitely pack, meaning it’s a size that smaller people can comfortably handle without leaving them without space for their gear. In fact, this multi-purpose pack has plenty of room for a laptop, textbooks and even your gym clothes. You’ll never have to make a choice between style and function when you choose the Nfinity Sparkle Petite.
Key Features
-Lightweight sparkle material adds glam without coming off with use.
– Despite being 20% smaller, it comes with three roomy compartments, including a padded laptop sleeve
– Top grab handle makes it easy to move around
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